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Dr. Gabry - HormoRedux director
Dr. Gérard Gabry, MD
HormoRedux program director.


Maybe you have already tried one or more diets...
You have probably tried to eat less, weigh your food, count calories, eat only protein...
But you have lost more time than kilos.
You are discouraged. Sooner or later your fat has reappeared. You found yourself in the starting grid, even worse than before. You begin to lose hope and resign yourself. This overweight poisons your life and you do not know how to get rid of it. You feel doomed to support your silhouette with all the unpleasant sensations it imposes on you...

It might seem very easy to lose weight! Losing 1 to 2 kilos the first week, losing 4 to 5 pounds the first month ... this is the promise of most diets on the market. Their promoters make it their main advertising slogan supported by 'sometimes' true testimonials. But when it comes to staying slim and not taking back the extra pounds, everything becomes much more difficult!

My experience as a doctor and my research work in the field of nutrition and metabolism allowed me to approach food-related problems with rigor, to discover and understand some complex processes, to share my thoughts with those of the greatest specialists. I had the chance to participate in the most recent discoveries in the field.

They have allowed the development of simple solutions that are the basis of the HormoRedux method. It does not claim to solve all the problems of obesity on the planet, but, if you are overweight, this simple and effective method should allow you to easily find the body and shape that you have always dreamed of.

Today, it is scientifically proven, you can lose weight permanently, without special effort, without frustration and stress!

HormoRedux, a new approach to dietetics.

With the HormoRedux method, you can definitely forget about your obsession with calories. You will discover a new concept of nutrition that scientifically proves that calculating calories is useless.

This new principle is still ignored by most dieticians, nutritionists, doctors and other medical professionals who base their recommendations on drastic changes to your diet by asking you to remove sugars, or fats, or both by replacing them with a 100% protein diet. It is not surprising that 90% of people do not lose weight or quickly regain their lost weight and find themselves confused by all methods of nutrition.

The HormoRedux method will not ask you for any sacrifice. It’s a new concept that will allow you to eat your favorite foods every day while ensuring you not only lose all your extra pounds, but stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life.

This new method is based on the powerful concept of “Fattening Power Index” - FPI. An index that defines the power of a food to promote the storage of fat.

The latest findings show that the food you eat each day is made up of nutrients that each have an impact on your hormones for the management of your body fat.

Do not believe that this method based on the “Fattening Power” of food will ask you to remove all fatty foods from your diet. On the contrary, you will see that many foods that you like can contribute to your weight loss. You will discover all the delicious combinations of foods that have a low “Fattening Power Index” and that will help you get closer to your goal.

If you have followed in recent years, all the debates to find out which diet is the best (low in carbohydrates, low in fat, high in proteins...), you could realize that they are all ineffective! And that’s true! Why? Because an essential element has been forgotten : This is THE HORMONAL IMPACT OF FOOD.

The notion of hormonal impact of food is based on the analysis of the effects that food has on our hormonal secretions. This is a major notion because you will see that ONLY our hormones control our weight gain or loss.

The HormoRedux method will teach you to control the hormonal impact of each of the foods you like to stop the storage of fat and promote their elimination.

You will learn how to build slimming menus very simply by taking into account the “Fattening Power Index” of foods. Discovering what happens on the hormonal level when you take a meal, you will understand why you were not able to lose weight and how the HormoRedux method will correct this problem and allow you to quickly lose your extra pounds and definitely keep the silhouette and health you have always dreamed of.

My commitment to you

As a doctor, my main goals are to make you losing weight permanently and, above all, eliminating all the risks associated with fat overload. With the HormoRedux method, I give you all the explanations to make an accurate diagnosis of your weight problem. You will discover new instructions to permanently find the thinness and optimal health conditions. My dearest wish is to bring you the health and the morale that will change your life.. I will help you until you find the physical form and the well-being you have always dreamed of!...

Dr. Gérard Gabry, MD


Dr. Gabry - Expert in the fields of nutrition and metabolism Arthur T. Chester

Dr. Gabry became convinced that computers had much to offer the world of medicine, so he began extensive research into medical computer systems. As a result of this research he developed a series of software packages for therapeutic applications, and he won an international following in the process.
His work with computers also led to several key discoveries in the fields of nutrition and metabolism. That, in turn, led to many more years of testing his discoveries and authoring works dealing with weight loss. Today Dr. Gabry is widely considered one of the foremost leaders in the field of weight disorders.

Arthur T. Chester - President, CEO - Rewards Unlimited, Inc.