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Lose weight and stay thin...

in the simplest and most durable way.

Lose weight the simplest way

A brand new method!

Feeding must remain something simple and natural: no diet can achieve sustainable goals if it is complicated and frustrating.

For each meal, you can perform complex searches, use glycemic index tables, calculate the fat content of a portion, add, multiply...

The HormoRedux team has already done all these calculations for you! To slim down and keep fit, all you have to do is apply the simple rules and common sense tips detailed on this site.

An easy method to follow...

The HormoRedux method is easy to implement, usable in all circumstances, whether meals are taken at home, at friends, at the restaurant or at the workplace.

That takes into account your desires!

We are all entitled to pleasure, even to gluttony!
The HormoRedux method is non-frustrating and viable over time. It is today the most effective way to find again all energy and bodily harmony.

Why do you keep gaining weight
even if you’re on a diet?...

The Hormonal Impact of Food

We have known for several years the role of insulin, a hormone that is systematically secreted during meals. When you eat, the blood sugar level increases and the pancreas secretes insulin. This hormone is used to lower blood sugar by putting sugar in reserve in the liver and muscles. But it has been discovered that insulin is also responsible for storing fat.
Nutritionalists have exploited this discovery and most doctors still believe that simply lowering insulin secretion is the silver bullet for all weight problems. This is the reason why most current diets still need to consider the insulin index of foods to try to stop the storage of fat, so weight gain. You have certainly heard about these diets and you may have even personally tested them.
But then why these diets do not work?

Why people do not lose weight or regain all the weight lost?

To answer this question, scientists needed to look at the deeper reasons your body is resistant to dieting. After years of research, they have recently discovered that during a meal, the levels of two hormones were significantly abnormal in patients with a weight problem. These two hormones are Ghrelin and Leptin. They play a major role because they are responsible for controlling appetite and weight loss. They are the ones who signal hunger and satiety and, if they are not balanced, it will be almost impossible for you to lose weight.

Thanks to this discovery a panel of top-rated scientists were able to work on HormoRedux development, a new eating program that positively regulates the hormones secretions including Ghrelin and Leptin. It finally allows all overweight patients to slim down and finally regain their healthy weight.

All clinical tests have proved it, with the HormoRedux method you'll lose up to 5 pounds per week until you reach your ideal weight.

HormoRedux: A method so simple
that you will want to teach it to your friends...

More than 2000 foods

classified according to their ‘HORMONAL IMPACT’.

HormoRedux Food Pyramid

The HormoRedux Food Pyramid

To fight against weight gain, the latest research in nutrition and metabolism proves that it is necessary to reduce the impact of foods on hormone secretions..

The hormonal impact of foods results from their combined effects on the storage of sugars and fats when ingesting a meal.

Scientists specializing in nutrition and metabolism have analyzed the impact on hormonal secretions of the 61 main macronutrients of more than 2000 foods.

In order to quantify the hormonal impact, they defined the "Fattening Power Index " that assignes a value of "0" to "3" to each food depending on their positive or negative impact on fat storage. That’s how the HormoRedux Food Pyramid was created.

A new way of eating that you'll adopt for the rest of your life...

The more the sum of the values of the foods you choose for a meal has a value close to zero, the more weight you will lose.

To get thinner
The total food values of the same meal must not exceed 3.
To maintain your weight
This total must remain below 5.
For example, to lose weight, you must eat, during the same meal:
  • as many foods with "0" value as you want plus 3 foods with "1";
  • or as many foods with "0" value as you want plus 1 food with "1" value plus 1 food with value "2";
  • or as many foods with "0" value as you want plus 1 food with "3" value.

HormoRedux: A new way of eating
HormoRedux: 2000 foods classified

You slim down while continuing to eat your favorite foods

Slim without depriving yourself ... Choose the foods you like!
You will easily find your favorite foods in a list of over 2000 products. They are classified by value from "0" to "3". Simply sum these values to slim down or stabilize your weight.

The nutritional composition of each food is taken into account. The precise analysis of 61 constituents (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins ...) makes it possible to prevent any dietary imbalance.

A FREE 13-page presentation of HormoRedux is available in PDF format...

HormoRedux Method: As easy as 1,2,3

As easy as 1,2,3...


HormoRedux Book
To lose weight, the most important thing is not to diet, but to understand why we gain weight.

The 123 HormoRedux Eating Method is written in plain, everyday language you can understand.
It tells you how to combine your prefered foods in your meals in order to lose all your extra pounds and stay slim forever.

The key to your success

The key to your success

Learn why you keep gaining weight even if you’re on a diet.

HormoRedux - Hormonal Impact of Foods

The hormonal impact of foods

Know how to combine your preferred foods in each meal to slim down without hunger, fatigue and frustration.

HormoRedux Food Pyramid

The HormoRedux Food Pyramid

Find your favorite foods among more than 2000 foods classified according to their "Fattening Power".

HormoRedux - Slimming menus

Simply build your slimming menus

To know if a meal makes you lose weight, you only have to sum the values of each food.

HormoRedux - Stay slim forever

Tips and tricks to stay slim forever

What you absolutely need to know in order to never take back lost pounds and keep fit and healthy the rest of your life.

The HormoRedux Method is available in 'Print' or 'PDF' format...

Thousands of people reach their goal every day...

You too will get the same results...

simply adding HormoRedux to your daily routine

HormoRedux Testimonials
I simply applied 123 HormoRedux Eating Method.
I lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks without any effort.
I found an incredible energy from morning to night, without any cravings.
Thank you from the heart !

Slimming while eating everything we love...

The 123 HormoRedux Eating method helps to create hearty, varied and balanced menus that make you lose weight. This method, which teaches how to combine foods, not only helps to find a harmonious silhouette, it brings a real well-being and a better health.

A simple method:
Just apply a few easy-to-understand rules to achieve lasting thinness without fatigue and frustration.
An effective method:
The determination and the motivation of the users is always preserved because the 123 HormoRedux Method allows a fast slimming while meeting the food needs of each one and respecting the personal desires..

HormoRedux thus makes it possible to lose weight with happiness without having the impression of following a diet.

Users praise the Power of HormoRedux

Slimming and pleasure! Finally a simple method that takes into account our desires and which leads us to lose weight without dieting.

  • I eat everything I love and I thin without effort...
  • Finally I lose weight without being exhausted or depressed...
  • Who said that to lose weight you must eat less?..
  • The form and so much well-being! We never want to stop! !..
  • We eat what we want, in the quantity we want, and we are trim...
  • I am full of energy and my friends tell me that I have never been so sexy....

Want a new life?...
Start by changing the way you eat!

Four good reasons

to start NOW!....

HormoRedux Target
Find the body you've always dreamed of!

You are not satisfied with your current silhouette. You want to lose weight. And you have good reasons for this:

  • These extra pounds weigh on your back and your legs;
  • It is painful and tiring;
  • You do not like your silhouette in the mirror, and this over-weight prevents you from wearing the clothes you love;
  • These pounds will age you at least 5 years... maybe more!

This overweight spoils your life, and you do not know how to get rid of it. You feel condemned to bear those extra pounds, that tiredness and that silhouette you do not like.

It’s time to decide to refine your silhouette and regain your fitness. It is now possible... You just have to get the HormoRedux method, the right tool to lose up to 5 pounds of fat every week while continuing to eat your favorite foods - and without having to exercise.

Lighter in your body, more lively in your mind!

Admit it, your overweight is ruining your life. Your mirror and your scale send you information Yet you know: 4 pounds less is a size less, skirt or pants!

So, change of look now wouldn’t it be a good decision? Feel good about yourself, wear fashionable clothes, have a personal image that you like, receive compliments, have more confidence in you... All this is simple and easy today with the HormoRedux method!

Be energized from morning to evening!

Lack of tone, fatigue at the least effort?.. Not easy to run when you have extra pounds. Overweight makes you out of breath. The abdominal fat compresses the lungs at the diaphragm. As soon as the fat melts, the lungs will resume their amplitude. You may not go up the steps four by four, but you will climb the stairs without constantly being out of breath...

HormoRedux restores your biological rhythms and puts in place all the necessary actions needed to make you reach your fitness weight while restoring an opti- mal energy level.

Isn’t this what you’ve always dreamed of? So why not try this brand new method right now?

It's your health that's at stake!

You can talk to your family doctor or any specialist, all will confirm that there are 6 MAIN DANGERS of being fat: Heart diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Gallstones, Nighttime Suffocation...

I do not want to be alarmist, but I have 3 simple examples for you:

  • Your overweight increases your risk of diabetes. Indeed, you have 2 times more risk of developing diabeteswith only 12 to 20 extra pounds!
  • Do you know that 4 single extra pounds increases your risk of arthritis by 10%. Just think of the pain you often feel in your knees or ankles! These joints must support the entire weight of your body on a surface no larger than a business card. When you move, you put pressure on your joints. Due to these pressures, your ankles support up to 7 times the weight of your body. You understand that every extra pound is a pain for your joints.
  • The risks are even more serious for men. Many studies have shown that cardiovascular risks are directly related to their waist size. This means that their “belly” is not only unsightly. It is also very dangerous, and it can be fatal. Because more the waist circumference increases, the higher the risk of infarction.

The lesson to remember from all this seems obvious: The more you refine your silhouette, the more happy and secure you are!

Start now! Do it for yourself, you ARE the most important person in your life. Do it for your family too. They only want what’s best for you and they will be proud of you...

HormoRedux Capsules
have been developed as a complement of the eating method.
This 100% natural supplement will help boosting your weight-loss...

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